Hydraulic Tensioner Pump

Windlass Metalworks – Hydraulic Tensioner Pump

Bolted connections remain as one of the critical elements that affect plant integrity and reliability. Without the use of advanced tool technology, bolted connections pose a significant threat of hand injuries and can drastically shift your critical path schedule due to disassembly speed and reliability concerns.

Hydraulic bolt tensioning technology provides the highest level of accuracy, productivity, and safety on critical joints across the energy industry.

Hydraulic bolt tensioners are an innovative technology, beneficial to both subsea and topside applications.

Hydraulic bolt tensioning is the fast, simple, safe, and accurate method of tightening bolts and studs.

Windlass manufactures general purpose, high pressure air driven liquid pump unit for products requiring up to 25,000 psi hydraulic pressure for bolt tensioning. The equipment is a safe, low maintenance and durable that meets the requirements of all on-site bolt tensioning operational needs.

This air operated pump is particularly suitable for projects where a higher oil flow is required, such as subsea duties or where a large number of high capacity tensioners are being used.

• Compact, lightweight, rugged steel frame for protection and easy handling

• Pre-lubricated pump element, does not require an airline lubricator

• Easily adjustable output pressure control

• Integrated and protected easy to read glycerin filled gauge

• Safety relief valve limits output pressure

Accessories Included: Hose one meter long 30000 psi wp with ¼” BSP male ends & ¼” BSP female Quick Disconnect coupler

Air Consumption
1.586 Cu. Meter/ Minute
Air Pressure (PSI) 60 80 100
Hydraulic Pressure (PSI) 15000 22500 30000
Flow Rate (Liter/Minute) 0.40 0.30 0.20
Physical Description
Width Depth Height Weight
15” 16” 18” 52 Lbs.