Hydrostatic Tester

Windlass manufacture Hydrostatic Tester for applications like BOP testing, storage tanks, piping systems, gas cylinders and other industrial pressure vessels testing.

Windlass Hydrostatic Tester provides constant flow rate of fluid at a specific pressure.

Windlass Hydrostatic Testers are typically positive displacement, reciprocating pumps that are comprised of a power-end and fluid-end assembly.

A diesel engine or electric motor commonly serves as the pump power source and these pump packages are typically skid mounted for easy mobility. The power-end converts the rotation of the drive shaft to a reciprocating motion by using a crosshead assembly while the fluid-end utilizes this reciprocating action to achieve the function of pumping the pressurized mud. The fluid-end assembly is comprised of a suction and discharge module, manifolds, pistons, liners and valve assemblies. Many of the fluid-end assembly components are high-wear items so many pumps are designed to allow quick replacement of these parts.

Models: Skid Mounted

Trailer Mounted

Standard Features:

  • Horsepower Ratings: Electric Motor (75 -100 HP)

Diesel Engine (100-125 HP)

  • Flow Rate: 3 GPM to 18 GPM
  • Pressure Rating: 7000 PSI to 40000 PSI
  • Heavy-duty rigid steel skid with fork-lift slots
  • Clutched PTO for independent engine operation
  • Engine mounted control/instrument panel
  • 30-gallon fuel tank (diesel)
  • Economical and compact V-belt drive system

Optional Features:

  • Poly water tank with boost pump
  • Electric brakes
  • Suction Stabilizer
  • Oil Drip Pan
  • Tandem Axle Trailer