Windlass BOP Test Equipment

Windlass range of BOP Test Equipment is ideal for high pressure testing of BOP stacks, choke and kill lines, X-mas trees, and numerous other types of equipment that require high pressure static testing. Test units are available in BOP control unit-mounted, portable, skid-mounted, and self-contained skid-mounted options. Windlass also provides related accessories, including stand-mounted chart recorders and high pressure hose assemblies.

Portable test units

Portable Test Units

  • Utilize single pump mounted on a dolly style frame, resulting in easy transport to and from the test site
  • Currently available in 5000 and 6000 PSI working pressure models
  • Hose ½” ID 6000 PSI working pressure 50 ft long ½” NPT male ends
  • Safety relief valve to prevent over-pressurization.
Model Number Maximum Pressure (PSI) Approximate Dimensions Approximate Weight
Length Width Height
inches cm inches cm inches cm Lbs. Kg.
W-P-05-G-T 5000 40 102 22 56 47 120 200 91
W-P-06-G-T 6000 40 102 22 56 47 120 200 91